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Roofing Inspections & Evaluations

At Schefers Roofing Company, we want you to have peace of mind that your roof is in its best condition to be able to withstand any type of weather conditions or environmental factors that might contribute to the deterioration of your roof. That’s why we offer a highly skilled consultant for inspections and evaluations of your roof’s needs.

An In-Depth Analysis of the Condition of Your Roof

We perform detailed, in-depth inspections to accurately asses the true condition of your roof. After a Schefers evaluation, you provide you with a comprehensive report that lists all of our findings, along with our suggestions for how to fix any problems that we encounter. We can also give you a general report on the condition of your roof. By giving you the detailed explanation of your expected costs, we prioritize your needs and respect your budget.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

At Schefers, we would like to minimize your roofing emergencies, extend the life of your roof, and keep your needs within your budget.

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